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This Is What I Do

Connect People with the Right Products & Services

I’ve spent the last 7 years working abroad and closing sales in over 20 countries. I know how to build rapport and connect with anyone I talk to – but the masterkey to my success in Global Sales is my ability to earn TRUST.

Build Digital Assets & Design Brand Identities

My first job was in Digital Advertising 2004 filming virtual tours in real estate and custom coding websites. I’ve been riding the wave of digital evolution ever since and that’s what made me the Marketing ninja I am today.

I’ve Been Doing Sales & Marketing for 18 Years

I’m a Thai-American dual citizen born and raised in Midwest USA. My passions in life are connecting with people, creative work, and exotic adventures. I moved to Thailand in 2015 to pursue my love for Muay Thai martial arts… but eventually got a real job in Medical Tourism.

I’m entrepreneurial in work and spirit – At age 19 I invented a fishing system and brought it to market in 2010, then launched a Fine Art company in 2018. Now, I specialize in my two best abilities: Global Sales & Digital Marketing.



Recent Work

WordPress Web Design

FRESH MEDIQ – Pattaya, Thailand

View Website

Shopify eCommerce

ASEAN Artists – Southeast Asia

View Website

Medical Animation Videos

Hot-To Videos With Custom Voiceover

View Video Playlist

Thailand Cultural VLOGS

Join me on a tour around Thailand!

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Documented Sales

As the former Director of Global Business for a cosmetic surgery group, I managed a team of global salesmen that answered online enquires 24/7. I created a complete sales flow and documented my personal email exchanges as a script for my team’s reference. The links below contain REAL email exchanges and screenshots of confirmed payments.


Video Production

I can help you storyboard, shoot, edit and post videos online! Here are some of my videos where I did all of that:

Corporate Videos

Medical Animation Explainers

Reality VLOG Series

Arts & Culture



Global Experience

Chief Operating Officer

Pattaya, Thailand – Medical Cannabis & Anti-Aging Clinic

Director of Global Business
V Plast Medical Group

Bang Saen, Thailand – Plastic Surgery Clinic & Medical Equipment Distribution

Sales & Marketing Director
V Plast Medical Group

Pattaya, Thailand – Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Beauty Clinic

Sales & Marketing Ninja
Nak Muay Nation

Bangkok, Thailand – Muay Thai Vacations & Training Camps

US Domestic Experience

SEO Specialist
Event Ticket Broker

Columbia, Missouri – Affiliate Marketing & eCommerce Sales

Virtual Field Representative
Real Virtual Advertising

Columbia, Missouri – Virtual Tours and Custom Coded Software Development

Catering Manager
Panera Bread Company

St. Louis, Missouri – Public Relations & Customer Service

Muay Thai Trainer
St. Louis Boxing Club

St. Louis, Missouri – Personal Training & Group Training Classes, Customer Service

Hardware & Software


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🇹🇭 +66 97 065 9070